Kushner: Jews Safer in Saudi Arabia Than on Campus

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In a recent appearance on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Jared Kushner, former advisor to President Trump, made a controversial statement that has sparked a heated debate.

Kushner, who is an American Jew, suggested that American Jews might be safer in Saudi Arabia than on college campuses, particularly mentioning Columbia University. His remarks come in the wake of widespread protests and rallies related to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Kushner’s comment sheds light on the growing concerns about the current state of affairs on college campuses, where the Israel-Hamas conflict has become a contentious issue. College campuses, traditionally viewed as centers of open discourse and academic freedom, have faced increasing polarization and a challenging environment for certain viewpoints.

Columbia University, located in New York, has been at the center of this debate, with hundreds of students participating in rallies representing both sides of the issue. The tensions were so high that the university had to temporarily close its campus for safety reasons. Such incidents raise questions about the ability of universities to maintain an environment where diverse perspectives can coexist and engage in constructive dialogue.

Kushner’s comparison between the campus environment and Saudi Arabia is striking. He recently visited Saudi Arabia and noted a prevailing sentiment of “disgust” towards the terrorist attacks orchestrated by Hamas. This raises concerns about the state of discourse and freedom of expression on American campuses, where differing opinions on the Israel-Hamas conflict may not receive the same level of acceptance or protection.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has elicited strong emotions and differing opinions, making it a challenging issue to address in an academic setting. The question remains: Should college campuses, as bastions of free speech and intellectual exchange, foster a climate where diverse views, even those on contentious topics, can be expressed without fear of backlash?

As Kushner’s comments continue to fuel discussions, it is crucial to examine the state of free speech and open debate in institutions of higher education and whether they are upholding the principles of free expression and intellectual diversity, even in the face of divisive and polarizing issues like the Israel-Hamas conflict.


  1. When the Jews around the world are attacked in masse by the savages & monsters who lurk in every dark corner of the world, the Lord will return to put a stop to this. I suggest you make damn sure you are fighting on the right side when He returns.

  2. I’m not a Jew, however many of my past customers were, they were wonderful to me, they don’t deserve this hate! If you must “HATE” save it for hamas!!!

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