Trump Judge Turns Trial Into Media Circus

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The Georgia judge overseeing the unprecedented case against former President Donald Trump and 18 others has opened his courtroom to the media.

Superior Court of Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee said he would make all hearings and potential trials available for broadcast on the Fulton Count Court YouTube channel.

He will also allow broadcast news media to have “pool” cameras in the courtroom, which means groups of news organizations will have to combine their resources and share camera access.

McAfee also said he would allow members of the media to use cell phones and computer devices in the courtroom for non-recording purposes such as taking notes.

The judge’s ruling is subject to change and would not apply to any of the case that is successfully moved to federal court.

Multiple defendants in the dubiously expansive state racketeering case have asked for their cases to be moved to federal court, including former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark.

Meadows and the state filed in response to a request from a judge for more information about one of the alleged acts he committed, asking if it should be moved to federal court since it involved his conduct as chief of staff.

The case is shaping up to the be only one against Trump that will be broadcast to the public.

Trump Enters Not Guilty Plea

At the same time that the judge issued his order about the media, Trump officially entered his not guilty plea.

The plea allows him to avoid appearing at an in-person arraignment next week.

He also filed a motion to separate himself from other defendants who requested a speedy trial.

At least two others said they want a trial as soon as possible, which could take place before the end of October.

However, Trump is trying to delay the trial as long as possible, potentially until after the 2024 elections.


  1. Their hatred of the Donald, coupled with their fear of him returning has made drooling idiots out of the entire lot, judges included. I am sure every person involved in these numerous scams has been promised a job in this crooked regime if they manage to take him (and our nation) down.

    • Joj jon,

      I concur. Those In Control don’t care how much “funny money” they have to print (hence how much more inflation they create) to pay off all of the people that they need to keep their house of cards standing. And those “payees” are too stupid (or greedy, or both) to understand the long-term effects that this will have upon our once-great nation.

    • The jury decides.
      Not a scam. You are so biased, that you are blind to all facts, evidence, proof, etc.

      Feel badly when reality hits you all, finally.

      • So why isn’t the Justice Department spending as much time investigating the Biden’s. Oh yea, they are part of the “Get Trump” campaign. Seriously they never even looked at the Hunter laptop, they are not looking into Joe doing anything illegal, etc. This is simply a political witch hunt to eliminate a strong Republican candidate.

        • It’s impossible to know how much time, if any, the DoJ is spending investigating the Bidens since they don’t comment on ongoing investigations, or if there is one.

          If you read the indictments – all four – and I did, you may come to a different conclusion. Of course, the juries in each case, will make the determination. If the prosecutors don’t prove their cases, then so be it.

          If you can’t trust the people of this country, you live a somewhat unfulfilled life.

      • What facts; if you don’t show list the facts are they there? The facts on Biden are listed, but not investigated by any enforcement organization.

  2. As Ultra-MAGA President Donald J. Trump has said, he is just standing in the way – they want us. These are hardcore Marxists. WE, THE PEOPLE must stand resolute against this evil and be prepared to do whatever we can to see that UMP Trump makes it back into the WH.

  3. It is so sad and pathetic that Judges (administrators of the law) have turned the courts into political clown shows steeped high in anything involving Trump.

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