Dueling Iowa Appearances End With Clear Winner

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Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis held competing events at the Iowa State Fair, but one came out on top.

Trump’s presence at the fair was rockstar-like as fans followed him from stop to stop, hoping for the chance to see or even speak to the former president.

At one stop at the Steer N’ Stein, supporters crowded around outside the venue wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats and holding signs in the blazing heat. Others waited for their chance to spot Trump in slightly more comfortable golf carts.

All were delighted when he finally emerged from the restaurant to toss his signature red hats into the crowd.

“I just really like that Trump did so much good for the economy and peace to the Middle East, working to secure the border,” said Logan Holmes, who lives in northern Iowa.

“I just think he’s one of the few people we’ve had that have done what they said they were gonna do in a lot of instances,” he added.

DeSantis Dogged at the Fair

DeSantis was joined by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Joni Ernst, and Representative Zach Nunn.

But wherever he went, Trump’s supporters weren’t far behind.

Video footage showed him wading through a crowd to his next event while fairgoers shouted “We love Trump!” and “We want Trump!”

An unnamed group or individual also commissioned a plane to fly over the fair towing a banner that read, “Be likeable, Ron!” alluding to comments made by various donors and aides that DeSantis does not come off as likeable to the average donor.

During a “fair-side chat” with Governor Kim Reynolds, protesters with cowbells and whistles disrupted the conversation, prompting removals by security.

However, as tough as it seems for DeSantis, there are some conservative voters who feel he is their only choice.

“We have to nominate somebody who’s going to get elected,” said Joe, who traveled from New Jersey to attend the fair.

“I personally would like Trump, but I’m afraid of the independents — that he’s not going to get the independent vote. So I would prefer DeSantis, because maybe he’s going to attract the independent vote.”


  1. You gotta love a winner that has the fortitude to return to the snakes den. De Santis needs to stay home – he’s needed in FL.

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