Corporate Poll Finds Gen Z Are ‘Most Difficult’ Employees

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A survey of manager and business leaders found that just under three-quarters of them consider Gen Z employees to be more difficult to deal with than older staff.

Many studies and surveys have noted that Generation Z, the youngest generation in the American workforce at this time, are not adjusting well to the traditional workplace after completing their education.

One recent survey of those in upper level management positions found that 74% of respondents felt Gen Z is the most challenging generation to work with.

They also didn’t hesitate to explain why.

“They think they’re better than you, smarter than you, more capable than you, and they will tell you to your face,” said Akpan Ukeme, head of human resources at SGK Global Shipping Services.

65% said that they more often have to fire Gen Z employees than employees of other generations.

In fact, 20% of those interviewed say they’ve had to let a Gen Z employee go within a week of their start date.

Managers cited lack of motivation and effort and being “too easily offended” as the top reasons for firing Gen Z employees.

Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller says the COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdowns and remote education may play a significant role.

“We know that with remote work and education, communication skills do not develop as well and people tend to work more independently. Hiring managers need to be cognizant of this when interviewing GenZers for positions. This generation may need more training when it comes to professional skills,” she said.

A Gallup report titled “Generation Disconnected” resulted in similar findings. It notes that Gen Z is more likely to be disengaged with work and more likely to experience stress and burnout.

A McKinsey & Company study shows Gen Z is more likely to report hostile work environments and both physical and mental health problems. Three-quarters of Gen Z is reportedly seeking other jobs at any given time.

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