McCarthy Wavers in Support for Trump

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Despite a long-standing alliance with former President Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s support for him wavered during a Tuesday interview.

In an interview with CNBC, McCarthy questioned whether Trump is the right candidate for a general election in 2024.

He initially asserted Trump would have no problem beating current President Joe Biden.

“Yeah, he can beat Biden,” said McCarthy, saying that “Trump’s policies are better, straightforward than Biden’s policies.”

But when specifically asked if Trump is the best candidate to win a general election, McCarthy hesitated.

“Can he win that election? Yeah, he can,” McCarthy said. “The question is is he the strongest to win the election? I don’t know that answer. But can somebody, can anybody, beat Biden? Yeah, anybody can beat Biden.”

He did not offer up an alternative candidate or speculate as to which of those currently announced would be the strongest in a general election besides Trump.

McCarthy Fundraises Hours Later

Just hours after his comments were highlighted by Trump defenders on social media, McCarthy gave a follow-up interview to Breitbart.

“As usual, the media is attempting to drive a wedge between President Trump and House Republicans as our committees are holding Biden’s DOJ accountable for their two-tiered levels of justice,” McCarthy said in comments to the website. “The only reason Biden is using his weaponized federal government to go after President Trump is because he is Biden’s strongest political opponent, as polling continues to show.”

Shortly after those comments were published, McCarthy’s campaign sent a fundraising text to supporters declaring Trump “the STRONGEST opponent to Biden!”

McCarthy’s lapse in support was noted as he has been a staunch defender of the former president, recently backing a proposal from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to informally “expunge” both of Trump’s impeachments.

“I voted against both impeachments. The second impeachment had no due process,” McCarthy said of his support for Greene’s proposal.


  1. McCarthy is a politician. He doesn’t stand on principle like Trump does. He is subject to which ever direction the political wind is blowing currently. Trump is different, he stands for America. In many ways McCarthy is just another Paul Ryan pretending to be a Republican to gain personal power but is without a commitment to do what is right for America. I stand with Trump.

  2. Sadly, but he’s right. The hate for Trump runs wide and deep across this country, and they outnumber the MAGA people, so much so that he will never win a general election for any office again.

    • You, sir, have the truth of it. No matter how popular Trump remains, those opposing him are both too many, and too powerful. Since it was Yhwh God Who removed him, from office, not Leftist cheating ( Yhwh God overrode that in ’16, to put him into office; remember all the gob-smacked looking pols and pundits on the left back then? They were sure the fix was in for Hilary to win), but he failed to do what he was put there to do, so he was removed. Yhwh God, as opposed to all other deities labeled as “Gds”, is still, as always,in control. And HE will not be overriding te left this time, any more than He did in ’20, or ’22.

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