Pelosi Advocates for Supreme Court Term Limits, Expansion

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Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave a Sunday interview where she strongly advocated for term limits and an expansion of the Supreme Court.

On MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki”, Pelosi spoke about the Supreme Court at length around the one year anniversary of Roe v. Wade being overturned and the issue of abortion regulation being handed back to the states.

“Here we have a body … chosen for life. Never have to run for office. Nominated, confirmed for life, with no accountability for their ethics behavior,” Pelosi said.

She said there should “certainly be term limits” for the justices before moving on to the possibility of expanding the court, which she was somewhat less forceful toward.

“It’s been over 150 years since we’ve had an expansion of the court. It was in the time of Lincoln that it went up to nine, so the subject of whether that should happen is a discussion — it’s not, say, a rallying cry, but it’s a discussion,” Pelosi said.

Implementing term limits for Supreme Court justices would require a constitutional amendment, but Congress could pass legislation requiring justices to retire as a workaround.

Court Faces Ethical Controversies

She also referred to recent controversies involving justices surrounding potential ethical violations. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito have come under scrutiny for receiving gifts and benefits from friends that are perceived by some as unethical as they considering national issues.

“If nothing else, there should be some ethical rules that would be followed,” Pelosi said of the Court’s current self-governance on ethics, as there are no formal rules or guidelines to be followed.

Pelosi said it’s “shameful” that the two justices “have been so cavalier about their violations of what would be expected of a justice of the Supreme Court.”

The Supreme Court’s approval rating has dropped to a record low recently, with a Quinnipiac University poll showing just 30% of registered voters approve.

Pelosi had remarks on that as well, saying that “30 percent seems high” in her opinion.


  1. Wouldn’t it be better to just fire all nine and then appoint nancy to be the sole arbitrator of any constitutional issues? She should also have the right to name her sucessor.

  2. Nanzi Pelosi is one of the very last people in Congress to whom anyone should listen or assign any credibility whatsoever on the subject of ethics. Democrats won’t be satisfied until they control every branch of government with unchallengeable totalitarian power. Go home to your fancy mansion and ill-gotten riches, Nanzi. We’re tired of your communist cravings.

  3. Only Nancy could be so clueless. Maybe Fetterman. Next to her he sounds rational. Democrats. What an incredible collection of people who range from delusional to outright evil. Not sure where The Squad fits on that spectrum, probably the only “center” position they take. Lately it seems like the Republicans are trying to catch up. Boy, are we screwed…… We have got to get rid of career politicians. Biden/Clinton/Obama/Bush, etc. can all serve as examples of why. They have a lot of company. 4 terms total in ANY elected office and you’re out. Go find a real job. If you aren’t smart enough to steal all you need in that time, you don’t need to be in office anyway.

  4. What a concept. Here we see the ultimate in hypocrisy. Nancy Pelosi advocating for term limits. Perhaps she should look in the mirror. She along with many of her Democratic colleagues should be term limited first and foremost before any such attempts with respect to the U.S. Supreme Court. Sadly, that will never happen since she and all in Congress believe that this would result in the “collapse” of the government due the immediate loss of “institutional” knowledge the members claim they have. We citizens could never replace these denizens of knowledge since the “regular” people lack the intelligence to serve in such positions. What a ridiculous position!

  5. Let’s set term and age limits for the House and Senate before looking at SCOTUS. As for ethics, set and ENFORCE standards in both houses; including your staffs. A couple examples: no individual stock trades or options (inluding family members), no personal travel/vacations with donors.

  6. The key phrase in that article was “Former Speaker”. Second, it is pretty rich (pun intended) hearing Nancy talk about ethical conduct.

  7. Nancy is kissing the mark. We need term limits in congress and we need to limit the amount of money government resources can amass for elections. We also need to ensure elected leaders cannot profit form their role.

  8. We also need Constitutional standards on all laders. Those unwilling to “uphold and defend the Constitution” as their oaths call them to do, meaning AS WRITTEN, not “as interpreted” need to be removed from office and forbidden from ever holding elected or appointed office again, all benefits terminated!

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