Biden Turns to Hollywood Producer for Counseling

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President Joe Biden has turned to a Hollywood movie mogul for counseling and guidance on how to deal with his age as he campaigns for reelection.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Jeffrey Katzenberg is advising Biden to “own” his age and spin it as a positive to voters.

Katzenberg suggested Biden look to Mick Jagger and Harrison Ford as examples.

Although they are both nearly the same age as Biden, Ford is set to star once again as action-adventure hero Indiana Jones, and Jagger still plays concerts for full stadiums of fans.

The Wall Street Journal’s reporting suggested that Katzenberg’s point of view is that Biden should “lean into his longevity as a sign of wisdom and experience while offering a sense of humor about it.”

Katzenberg is a cofounder of DreamWorks, the studio behind movies such as Trolls and King Fu Panda. He was recently tapped as the only non-elected official to work on Biden’s reelection campaign as one of seven national co-chairs.

Another Hollywood personality, George Clooney, praised Katzenberg as a valuable asset for Biden.

Clooney said his ability to formulate messaging would prove invaluable for Democrats, who often struggle to communicate their agenda to voters.

“I always just say, look, everybody keeps coming into Hollywood for cash, and they don’t come to us for the one thing we do better than anybody, which is tell stories,” Clooney said to the WSJ.

Biden’s Age Cited as Concern by Voters

Despite Hollywood’s optimism, voters have consistently pointed to Biden’s age as a detriment.

A recent NBC News poll found that nearly 70% of respondents are concerned that Biden does not have the mental and physical prowess to serve as president again.

Biden is already the oldest president in history to be elected.

He has acknowledged that speculation about his age is “totally legitimate” but asserted he’s capable of leading the country.


  1. There you go. Have an advisor whose business is fiction, fantasy and illusion. More of the same we’ve been getting, just on a grander scale

  2. Clooney was almost right. The thing Hollywood does better than anyone is tell totally fake stories and use crafty dialogue and special effects to make them seem real. Like having videos of the unelected current “president” made in a mocked-up fake Oval Office, or applying make up and dressing a gay male to be the “First Lady” in a previous administration…….

  3. It’s not the yrs, so much as the mental acuity, the latter of which has been in sharp decline for yrs, in Biden. I’m just a few yrs younger than he, and have “senior moments”, when a particular name or word temporarily eludes me, and I make sure all my appointments go into my calendar with notifications, , but I don’t need the Easter Bunny to lead me around the grounds of my apartment building, or town (I can still read a map and street signs). I can still tell our National anthem from others’, and I can still recall when Queen Elizabeth died and reign passed to her son Charles, making the appropriate all for God to save the King, if we were Brits, but there was that little fracas in 1776, with an encore in 1812…(some of my forebears served in those). Biden is simply NOT mentally competent; he wasn’t his last yrs as VPOTUS, and he assuredly is not now.

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