New York Mayor Says God Told Him to Lead

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Democrat Mayor Eric Adams revealed God has visited him several times to foretell his election and instructed him to preach publicly about his faith.

At a Sunday mass in Brooklyn, Adams described his initial encounter with God.

“Thirty something years ago I woke up, out of my sleep in a cold sweat. God spoke to my heart and said, ‘You are going to be the mayor January 1, 2022,'” he said.

“God stated, ‘You cannot be silent. You must tell everyone you know!’”

“And I [would] go around the city…and I would tell everybody, ‘I’m going to be mayor January 1, 2022. People used to think I was on medication!” he remembered.

He then stated as that fateful date grew closer, he was visited again by God.

“God said, ‘write in your journal everything that you see that needs to be fixed in the city. And every night before going to bed, I’d make another entry in my journal, and I’d start making marks and I would start seeing the people who I needed to be part of my administration. So, the people you see in my administration, they’re not here by accident!”

Adams then claimed God visited him once more just several months ago.

“Let me tell you what happened a couple of months ago: The same message I got 30 years ago, a few months ago, I woke up with the same statement. God said, ‘Talk about God.’ And I started to say ‘don’t tell me about separation of church and state.'”

The mayor made headlines when he decried the separation of church and state and praised prayer in schools earlier this year.

“I can’t separate my belief because I’m an elected official. When I walk, I walk with God. When I talk, I talk with God. When I put policies in place, I put them in with a God-like approach to them. That’s who I am,” he said at the time.

He told his audience that everything from homelessness to domestic violence to guns in schools can be linked to a lack of faith.


  1. If he woke up in a cold sweat, that was Satan and his demons talking to him. And his policies are not God honoring. His “god” is satan.

  2. Plus, God does not talk to people like that anymore, that’s what His Word is for. If Adams is a Catholic, then he considers himself a “Charismatic Catholic.” And that is heretical. If he had talked to God, New York would be improving, not getting worse. Adams is deceived and delusional.

    • I don’t limit what God can do or say. The fruit the mayor bears will tell if he is doing the will of God. If God and Jesus did things in the Bible, they can do them even now. He doesn’t mention Jesus, but I serve a Triune God ( Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Time will reveal his God.

    • That’s not precisely true. He does speak to us, sometimes even audibly, but also through dreams, other people, and other vectors, in addition to His written word; however, when He uses other avenues,they are always in line with His written word, completely.
      That said,awakening in scold sweat does sound more akin to Muhammad’s recounting of his encounter in a cave with a being he called “Angel Gabriel”, but wich was entirely out of the character of Gabriel as presented in his many appearances in the Bible.
      We must always be discerning of the spirits, lest we miss Yhwh God’s message, or, as appears to be the case here, heed the wrong voice. As you observe, the path Mr Adams is taking is not of Yhwh God at all.

  3. Is that fool for real? He’s about as far from a God fearing man as you can get. With as bad a shape as NYC is he must not have understood what God told him.

    • The question is to which deity was he listening; the evidence suggests strongly it was not Yhwh God, Who is not the Author of lies and confusion. Yhwh God is the deity of law and order, of justice and righteousness, as well as love and mercy. But “social” justice is no justice at all, therefore NOT of Yhwh God! Rather, that’s yet another of Satan’s deceits.

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