Biden Impeachment Neutered as GOP Backs Down

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House Republican leadership reached a deal with Representative Lauren Boebert (CO) to delay her impeachment articles against President Joe Biden.

Boebert shocked the House on Tuesday when she introduced a procedural measure to force a floor vote on her impeachment articles even though Speaker Kevin McCarthy opposed the move.

The articles refer to the Biden administration’s failures on immigration, accusing Biden of being responsible for “a complete and total invasion at the southern border”, which other House Republicans decried as premature.

House leadership ultimately put together an agreement that sends the articles to the Judiciary and Homeland Security committees, which have jurisdiction over impeachment and immigration, for further investigation.

“This is one of the most serious things you can do as a member of Congress. I think you’ve got to go through the process. You’ve got to have the investigation,” McCarthy said. “Throwing something on the floor actually harms the investigation that we’re doing right now.”

However, Boebert warned she would not wait around forever before reintroducing the “privileged” resolution once more to force a floor vote.

“That is my commitment, that if nothing happens in committee like I’m promised that it will, yes, I will bring a privileged resolution every day for the rest of my time here in Congress,” Boebert told reporters after the vote to send the articles to committee.

When asked how long she would wait, Boebert said “the chairman is working on those details” and noted there’s “a few months of work that he has planned and there’s a little bit of grace there, but, I mean, that’s tentative.”

Tempers Flare During Vote

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) verbally attacked Boebert when the two began to discuss comments Greene had made earlier in the day.

Green reportedly accused Boebert of copying her own articles of impeachment, which Greene asked Boebert to co-sponsor. At one point during the exchange, Greene called Boebert “a little b***h”.

“I have defended her when she’s been attacked. She and I have virtually the same voting record. We’re both members of the House Freedom Caucus. We should be natural allies,” Greene later said to reporters.

“But for some reason, she has a great skill and talent for making most people here not like her. And so, it’s her issue.”



  1. The Republican party is made up of mostly gutless wonders. All talk & no action. We currently have by far the most crooked administration in the history of our country & we are doing nearly nothing about it.

  2. Yes I agree the complete Republican party is a bunch of gutless wonders and I for one will never vote for any republican that is in office at the present. We need some republicans with balls or this country is doomed for sure. And all the democrats should be shipped to China along with the crooked Biden family as they are showing that they are communist at heart. These idiots we have in D C can’t read the constitution but take an oath to uphold it.

  3. You are absolutely correct. We the people know that there is enough evidence against BIDEN/HARRIS administration to sink a Battleship. McCarthy, we don’t have the time or the luxury to run this through a fricken Committee! Whose side are you on?
    Every second you delay brings our NATION closer to DESTRUCTION. Grow some #alls and allow the vote for BIDEN’S IMPEACHMENT go through, if you won’t, then get out of the, SPEAKER’S SEAT and allow someone with a SPINE, to do the right thing for AMERICA!!!!!

  4. Congress has better things to do.
    Impeaching Biden would be nothing better than a slap in the face to Biden and at worst showing off a bunch of petulant children in the House and at Mar-a-Lago, because with a democrat-controlled Senate there would be no conviction.
    Even if Biden were convicted by the Senate and removed, that would put Harris in the White House.

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