PETA Invents New Form of Supremacy

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was mocked on Twitter after claiming “supremacy” is the reason people eat animals.

The group, which has been grown more controversial and extreme with the advent of social media, tweeted over the weekend, “Supremacy is at the root of why people think it’s okay to eat other animals.”

The tweet was immediately ridiculed as meat-eaters flooded the reply section.

“I will fully admit I am supreme to animals. Feels good to be able to eat 100% beef fed beef tonight,” one user replied.

“False. Taste is the root of why people eat animals,” another account answered.

As PETA likely intended, certain replies garnered responses from the account.

“Why do other animals think it’s ok to eat other animals?” a user pondered.

“Most of the animals who kill for food could not survive if they didn’t. That is not the case for us. Humans are capable of making choices based on ethics and are responsible for making the most ethical choices possible and doing our best to reduce suffering of any kind,” PETA replied.

The group has previously referred to people who eat meat as “slumbering in speciesism” – or what it describes as the belief that all other animal species are inferior to humans, which it deems incorrect.

PETA President’s Unhinged Final Request

Earlier this month, Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA, said she updated her will to request that her flesh be cooked and her body processed as goods post-mortem.

“I am deathly serious,” Newkirk said in an interview with Fox News.

Her will reportedly specifies that her flesh should be cooked with onions in a “human barbecue” in order to make the point that “flesh is flesh”.

“You can barbecue my flesh and you’ll smell it cooking with those onions, and you’ll think, ‘Oh, I want some of that.’ But it will make you think,” she said.

She also wants her skin used to make leather goods such as a belt and a purse.


  1. These people are as stupid as the climate change fools, dumb as a box of rocks and will believe anything they’re told, but the same can be said about the democrat communist party.

  2. How many thousands of years has consumption of meat and fish by people all over the world been happening? Now an unimportant minor group of individuals think they know better than others. This woman must be related to the famous Donner Pass group.

    • They believe themselves smarter than Yhwh God, Who created them, and commanded the consumption of animal flesh, following the global flood, AND than the nutritional scientists who found the reason why He would change our diets to include meats: our inability to assimilate certain ESSENTIAL amino acids ( building blocks for necessary proteins to sustain healthy life) from plant sources! My personal theory is that it took that long for the corrupting damage sin wrought in human bodies, to reduce our ability to assimilate those amino acids from plant sources as we had been pre-flood. Prior to the flood and during that sojourn in the ark,there were NO carnivores, human or other animals. A day will come, after all life on Earth is restored to its original state, when carnivores will be no more again, there will still be big cats, vipers, and humans as well as other animals that are presently carnivores, but they will all have been restored to their herbivorous pre-flood state. That restoration we know, because Yhwh God has foretold it. My personal theory only applies to why we became carnivores or omnivores after that flood, why it was necessary for Yhwh God to change that dietary plan for life on Earth.

  3. Newkirk’s good intentions are clearly limited by her faulty technique. It seems like so many leaders are going to the extreme to raise awareness concerning their personal objectives. Actually, I think that most ordinary people would want to shy away from the extreme. I hope that people will continue to support PETA for all the important good it does for the animals that cannot speak for themselves. They are the real victims here.

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