Trump Wants to be Less Controversial if Elected

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Former President Donald Trump says he wants to be less controversial if he’s elected to a second term, but he placed the blame for his combativeness squarely on the media.

Trump made the comments in an interview on “Special Report” with FOX host Bred Baier that became heated at times.

He said while he’d like to be less controversial and argumentative, the media forces him to be in order to be heard.

“What did you learn from your first term that you took from and changes that you would make if you get elected?” Baier asked.

“I would like to be less combative,” Trump answered.

“But I find the press is extremely dishonest. And if I’m not combative, I don’t get my word across. If I’m not combative, I don’t think you could win. I think, regardless of me or somebody else, if somebody else got the nomination, these radical left maniacs would come after them at a level like you’ve never seen before. And they are not going to be able to withstand it.”

He then referred to the investigation into his handling of classified documents that were found at Mar-a-Lago, for which he was recently indicted on federal charges.

“Our country is sick,” he said. “It’s sick. We have people that will do anything and it’s a very sad thing, like the document hoax. This should have never been brought. We are in the middle of a political campaign and they want to arrest the opponent who is leading the person that’s in theory in charge of government? This stuff shouldn’t happen.”

During the interview, he asserted he had been too busy to go through the boxes when the National Archives and Records Administration initially requested them back.

“I want to go through the boxes and get my personal things out. I don’t want to hand that over to NARA yet,” he said.

Trump said the boxes were interspersed with personal belongings such as clothing and shoes.


  1. There is nothing here that Trump has said that I don’t agree with. I hate his personal attacks & name calling. It is childish but the constant assault on Trump by the MSM is also childish.

  2. Reduce name calling to Real enemies OK IE Rove, Christie, Haley etc
    & Dems, Media
    Otherwise NO
    & Media assults DONT Help

  3. If people have problems with what Trump says it because he doesn’t beat around the bush and cuts to the cash fact is he doesn’t waste the taxpayers time. So just suck it up buttercups or pull up your boot straps.

    • I believe this is in his inborn nature (being raised in Brooklyn) – And being a businessman. They have to have the sales mentality to get buyers. And his is a typical style of speaking in persuasive tones. It can cut the inferior products (the libs ) and promote that which is far superior and will get the job done (the Conservatives). His technique may be abrasive to some….but the point comes across as right in the end. We all look at the past statements he made in which we sometimes cringe at, and look back and say…ya know….he was right! they are corrupt! And they are crooked! And this nation doesn’t have to be a s-hole nation!! It can be great again with the proper leadership in place. And he may not always use choice words…but he sure does know how to MAGA!! I would elect him over the faux resident we now see sitting on the throne of disaster.

      • He was raised in Queens, but the whole of LI, back then, felt the influence of Flatbush Avenue, to some extent (I grew up within the metro area, further out on the same island, at the same time). His father was involved in local politics as well as real estate, so their family was in our local papers often. Years later, I was living in AZ when he conducted a rather disastrous ral estate deal in Phoenix: same Trump, nothing changed. That as followed by several deals in Atlantic City, NJ, and around the world, so I’ve been aware of him pretty much my whole life, and his. He hasn’t changed in the past 77 yrs, I don’t foresee any big change now. He did a better job as POTUS than I expected, given his track record, but that doesn’t alter the fact that even without the leftist heating, this time around he simply cannot muster enough votes to overcome the left and “never Trump” RINOs, who will do anything and everything to insure he never sets foot in the Oval Office again, even if they have to burn it down. Trump is”t going to change, neither is the opposition. So the question is: will you let go f Trump and vote for someone who might have a chance, or will you just hand the left 4 more years in which to finish obliterating our once great and blessed nation?

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