Narrative Against Gas Stoves Turns to Cancer

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As part of their quest to abolish natural gas in the name of the climate Democrats have inexplicably zeroed-in on household gas stoves, and their scare-mongering has reached new levels.

The attack on stoves got real at the beginning of this year, when U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said the agency planned to take action against “pollutants” emitted by gas stoves.

The Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization say gas stoves have been found to emit nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other particulates at unsafe levels.

They also point to recent studies that show gas stoves can emit the greenhouse gas methane even when they’re switched off.

One study, led by environmental think tank RMI, claimed that gas stoves cause over 12% of childhood asthma cases in the country, a similar number to the number of cases attributed to secondhand smoke.

Since then, the Department of Energy has issued a proposal so stringent it would ban almost all of the gas stoves currently on the market.

New Attacks on Gas Stoves Invoke the ‘C’ Word

A new study being spread through the mainstream media claims gas stoves raise the level of benzene in homes, a cancer-causing chemical.

The bombastic study looked at just 17 homes that featured a total of 33 burners or ovens.

Researchers set the burners to high and ovens to 350 degrees for 45 minutes, which elevated benzene levels to those above the chemical levels found in secondhand tobacco smoke in roughly 30% of cases.

“If you’re breathing in benzene you’re at an elevated risk,” said Yannai Kashtan, a graduate student and lead author of the study. “The World Health Organization says that from a cancer point of view there is no totally safe level of exposure.”

The publication comes after New York state Democrats included an agreement to abolish new gas hookups in buildings in their 2024 budget. Other Democrat-led cities are now considering similar measures.

Federally, House Republicans – with the support of some Democrats – recently passed legislation to prevent the federal government from banning gas stoves.


  1. This is not a thorough, scientific study by any means, and when you look at blind test versus this type of test and non-blind test, the data is inconclusive.

  2. This is the reason that MOST homes have an exhaust vent above the kitchen stove. Now, if only people would USE them, there might not be so much of a risk. Our range does not have an exhaust vent, but, then, our kitchen stove is an electric one! The heat, however, rises and makes the entire kitchen hot! They are looking for a solution to a minor problem!

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