Twitter Deemed the ‘Most Dangerous Platform for LGBTQ’

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Advocacy group GLAAD released its annual Social Media Safety index, in which it criticized all social media platforms for not keeping users safe but targeted Twitter as worst of all.

GLAAD, founded as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is now one of the leading advocacy groups for LGBT issues in the country.

In its annual report, the organization said all social media platforms do poorly protecting LGBT users from hate speech and harassment, but it singled out Elon Musk’s Twitter as the worst.

It ranks platforms on 12 LGBT-specific indicators, such as offering gender pronoun options on profiles and prohibiting advertising that could be harmful to LGBT people.

GLAAD’s scorecard deemed Twitter the only one which saw its rank decrease from last year. It sank over ten percentage points to 33% from 45% a year ago.

“Twitter is is largely a cesspool now. You can’t post without getting attacked. There’s no room for conversation. It is just about hand-to-hand combat,” said GLAAD CEO and President Sarah Kate Ellis. “And that’s what it is. It’s like backyard dogfights.”

Musk has described himself as a “free-speech absolutist” and relaxed Twitter’s moderation policies when he took over the site.

For example, in April, he axed a policy against the “targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals”.

He also changed how the platform handles tweets that violate its rules, preferring to restrict them rather than remove them altogether.

Other Sites See Small Increase

Meta, which owns both Facebook and Instagram, saw the largest increase in its score, making them the “safest” social media site for LGBT users. But both sites were criticized for not enforcing their policies consistently.

The controversial but popular Chinese-owned TikTok ironically saw its score increase almost as much, gaining 14 percentage points from 2022.

Google’s YouTube rose nine points after a flurry of changes to its moderation and content policies.


  1. There is NO, Constitutional”or otherwise, “right” to never be offended by what others say or write! It that were the case, those organizations would all be shut out as MAJOR offenders! While they whine constantly about the truths they view as “hate” because those truths prick their consciences, they spew hate toward truth speakers constantly, up to and including calls for the death of truth tellers! The whole purpose of the “free speech” clause in the 1st A is to protect speech SOME consider “unpopular”; to allow those speakers the same right to air their views as those who speak the popular, but often deceitful, words. Those who don’t like the speech, have the free will right to walk away, or change the channel, or delete the message, in whatever format it comes; they do NOT have the right to deny others the right they claim, the right to “shut down”, or otherwise censor, speech by which they choose to feel discomfitted. That very discomfort is, in fact, a message, through their consciences from their Creator that something is indeed wrong, but the wrong is within themselves, not in the speaker or the words… First, no one can “make” another do, say, think, or feel, what he chooses to not do, say, think, or feel! None of us has that ability or power over others. Second, Yhwh God, Who created all that exists, including each of us, frequently uses others to deliver His messages to us, and as often as not those messages are hard to receive, because they are uncomfortable to us, but necessary for our well being to be received and acted upon. Whether an individual chooses to believe Yhwh God exists or not, HE believes in and loves each and every one of us humans, even enough to allow us the free will to reject Him, and to choose eternal damnation, though it breaks His heart when one does so. The lie that He condemns any human to hell for eternity is just that: a lie! Hell was created for rebellious angels, not humans at all, but those who choose rebellion self-condemning to the same penalty, none-the-less. And those so many of you condemn as “haters” are, in fact, offering you His love, albeit the type of love we call “tough love”! Listen up, before it’s too late…

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