Bolton Calls for Trump to End Campaign

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Former national security adviser John Bolton went on a tirade against former President Donald Trump over continuing his 2024 campaign despite the federal indictment against him.

Bolton served as Trump’s national security advisor for over a year, but the two had a falling out over their many policy disagreements.

Bolton has become a fierce critic of Trump, recently telling CNN that Trump did “enormous damage” to the Republican Party and the country as a whole.

On Friday, Bolton went on a Twitter tirade against his former boss.

“Donald Trump should immediately withdraw as a candidate for president. Criminal charges are piling up around him. If Trump truly stood for America First policies, he would support the rule of law instead of continually flouting it. Withdraw now!” he said.

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, also a 2024 presidential candidate, called for Trump to drop out as well, saying it would be a “huge distraction” during the election cycle.

Trump Denies Wrongdoing

The indictments unsealed on Friday before Bolton’s comments are the second set of charges, but first federal charges, Trump is facing. He was indicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records earlier this spring in Manhattan.

Those charges originate from hush money payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels by Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, regarding her alleged affair with the former president before the 2016 election.

The latest charges reference classified material found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. He was charged with 31 counts of willful retention of national defense information, an Espionage Act violation, along with six other charges related to the documents.

Trump has argued that the investigation into the documents is politically motived, especially as similar charges against former Vice President Mike Pence were dropped and a nearly identical investigation against current President Joe Biden has been carried out mostly behind closed doors.


  1. Bolton should Stop undermining President Trump! If he has something Constructive to say that would help AMERICA he should bring it forth, however if all he has is criticism, he should direct that to the “Biden Crime Family” because they need it more!

  2. The only thing Trump is going to accomplish is to give the left wing democrats another win in 2024.There is too much hate for Trump across this country for him to ever win another national election.

    • Do we really want a country where deep state bureaucrats and corrupt law enforcement get to pick our candidates and presidents?

    • I see a tremendous amount of support among Trump’s faithful and I don’t think any half witted individual with an obvious hatred for him has anything really credible to say so shut up unless you have a head count of just how many people really hate Trump in your small minded world.

    • Sadly, you are EXACTLY correct! Between the Dems, and never-Trump RINOs, there is no way for him to accrue the necessary votes,even without the cheating we all know will continue unabated. ALL he can achieve is to hand the left the WH on a platter!

      • You are so WRONG !! There is so much support out here for Trump that no amount of cheating that can now be pulled off will prevent him from winning

  3. John Bolton is not who he believes himself to be.
    Knowing you know is a good thing.
    Knowing you don’t know can be helpful
    Bolton doesn’t know he doesn’t know.
    His ego is laughable.

  4. I always thought Bolton was an arrogant dumbass. This proves it. Is he to blind to see what is happening to our country? Is he to blind to see the injustice by a corrupt fbi/DOJ? To blind to see the double standard? His ignorance is emblematic of what is wrong with the Republican Party.

    • Yes, evidently he is; are YOU too blind to see the reality that Trump will NEVER be slowed to set foot in the WH again,and his continued ego-driven efforts (because that’s what they are now) can only solidify leftist control over the US ’til the 2nd coming? It will be net to impossible to seat anyone wearing an R in the WH again, or to retain any voice in gov’t at all, without a massive ego setting a guaranteed outcome by running Trump. This is not a out how we personally feel; it’s about the reality of the opposition, which holds the GLOBAL power right now.

  5. John Bolton is just one more phony left leaning burecrats that has harmed the United States with his repeated lies, mistakes and should never speak a word on any topic as he is an idiot. I am not delusional, Donald Trump nor any human being id faultless. Donald Trump has the great ability, energy, knowledge and competence to do great things for our nation. If we do not help him against Hillary, Biden, and the Evil democrats, we will be FOREVER SORRY. Pray for Gods help, for his blessings on the United States in this age of American

  6. I never thought much of Bolton’s opinions and his hatred for Trump is not surprising given his ability to roll with the flow and say whatever he deems popular at that particular moment.

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