RNC Pushes New Early Voting Program

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After underwhelming midterm elections, the Republican National Committee announced a new program to take advantage of early voting tactics used successfully by Democrats.

In an overt case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” the RNC’s program will encourage Republican voters to use “in-person early voting, absentee voting, and ballot harvesting where legal.”

The program is being called “Bank Your Vote” and is a direct result of party leaders pushing back against former President Donald Trump’s – and other candidates – resistance to early voting methods which Democrats used to their advantage.

“We’ve got to have a change of culture among Republican voters,” Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina, chairman of the NRCC, said on Wednesday. “And it’s going to require us all on the same page.”

Even Trump is changing his tune. Last month, his campaign fundraised for a “ballot harvesting fund”.

Republicans have long been suspicious of third-party ballot collecting, where volunteers or contractors pick up and turn completed ballots into collection sites on behalf of voters.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel spoke positively of Trump’s messaging change.

“It’s simple math: You want to get as many votes in before Election Day,” she said. “But that certainly is a challenge if you have people in your ecosystem saying don’t vote early or don’t vote by mail. And those cross messages do have an impact. I don’t think you’re seeing that heading into 2024. I think you’re seeing all of us singing from the same song.”

“We have some voters that like to vote on Election Day, and we have to explain to them we can’t allow Democrats to get a head start,” McDaniel said. “We don’t want to wait till the fourth quarter to start scoring touchdowns when you have four quarters to put points on the board.”

More early voting would allow the RNC and candidates to allocate resources more effectively in the final weeks of campaigning. It would also protect voters against last minute illnesses or poor weather preventing them from getting to the polls.


  1. Let’s be clear, absentee voting has been discouraged because it creates opportunities for massive voter fraud. The RNC encouraging Republicans to vote early does not change that dynamic. In fact, it adds to it.

    I get it. The RNC wants to get out as many Republicans to vote as possible. But guess what? Voter participation in recent elections has been around historical averages everywhere EXCEPT in high population Democrat controlled cities and counties, and there mostly in battleground states. In those areas it is not uncommon to see voter participation rise from highs in the mid-50% range to 80, 90, or in a few places above 100%! How odd? That is suggestive of massive voter fraud, not more effective voter turnout.

  2. Yes, the brilliantly, creative strategy of the vunderkin who brought us the midterm disappointment. Copy the losers. I’m guessing she’ll keep the fund raising feature of telling us how we’re not doing our job, that Biden is awful, and to send money. I was turned off by that strategy after two weeks, three years ago. Stumble ahead Ronna!

  3. We must and WILL eventually ALL get to Voter Id. Should be ONLY one day to vote with absentee vote capability for special circumstances. Period, the end! Simple, straightforward, honest! Today’s corruption is BIBLICAL and WILL be address appropriately like we have seen time and time and time and time and time again in history by GOD ALMIGHTY! NO Exceptions. Period!

  4. Rona is related to Mitt Romney and has not led the Republican Party in a good direction. She needs to be replaced with a true conservative republican!

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