Mainstream Media Caught Covering Fetterman’s Nonsensical Speech

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A journalist apologized for sharing a quote from Fetterman that was heavily edited to make sense as opposed to actually quoting what the senator said.

The Washington Post’s White House reporter, Jeff Stein, issued a follow up tweet in apology.

“Yesterday I tweeted this quote, provided to me by the Senator’s office, without checking it against the video,” Stein said. “That was my fault. Though it captured his meaning, I deleted the tweet since some of the words in the quote were inaccurate.”

The quote Stein posted appears to be completely fabricated by Fetterman’s team in order to express what he meant to, but could not, articulate during a Senate Banking Committee hearing with a Silicon Valley Bank executive.

The new quote, which the senator’s office is apparently pushing journalists to publish, read: “Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we bail out your bank? Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP requirements for hungry people than protecting taxpayers that have to bail out these banks.”

What Fetterman actually verbalized during the hearing was much different: “The Republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP, for uh, uh, uh a hungry family has to have these, this kind of penalties, or these some kinds of wo- working requirements, shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we say ‘oh your bank, with billions of your bank?’ Because they seem to be more preoccupied when then SNAP and requirements for works, for hungry people but not about protecting the ta- the tax papers you know that will bail no matter whatever does about a bank to crash it.”

Fetterman continues to struggle with auditory issues following a mid-2022 stroke that temporarily took him off the campaign trail. His chief of staff suggested he returned to campaigning too soon which may have contributed to his likely-permanent brain damage.


    • The man CANNOT process spoken words: his own or those heard! PA deserves a senator physically and mentally capable of representing heir views in the Senate. Fetterman is not that person, clearly. As for R or D, in most instances,it makes no real difference; DC has been an uniparty, much like CA is, for decades, with only an handful in each house who are even somewhat conservative and fewer who are Constitutionalists.
      It appalls me the level of ignorance on both “sides” as to who is doing what in the US! But it’s no wonder we have the mentally disabled pushed into offices their wives want running the nation, when the electorate is so completely ignorant of reality! Our Founders, and those who fought in Washington’s army, to give us this land, then provided us the greatest governing document ever produced by man in all human history must be even more appalled than I, if they have any awareness of current events! You should be ashamed of yourself for contributing to elder abuse, just to avoid an “R” behind a name in a public office! But leftist apparently are no longer capable of feeling shame, having seared their consciences long since; clearly you as an individual, see no wrong in abusing a disabled senior in this manner…

  1. You want to put in charge the same people who ran the bank into the ground??? That makes no sense regardless of his difficulty in articulating it.

    How about have these execs pay back the money somebody else lost when they bought the bank stock these execs dumped through insider trading? They are victims too.

  2. This kind of tragedy occurs because politicians would rather dominate the people than ensure their freedom. Biden and Fetterman are just two extreme examples of widespread voter communism or ignorance.

  3. People who lie to help politicians who shouldn’t be in their positions, should be forced to move to the States they are harming with their woke and vile reporting . As a Pennsylvanian, I distrusted both Mrs. Fetterman, and Mr. Fetterman’s doctors assurance that he would be fine, and back into good health. Was greed the reason they promised us his recovery, or the desire for control? Shame on Mrs. Fetterman, ditto the doctor…isn’t “do no harm” part of a Doctor’s. Mantra? I don’t know much about Sen. Fetterman, but I would bet he would resign if he had control of his situation rather than do irreparable harm to the citizens who trusted him.

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