Paramilitary Group Takes Over Lab Housing Deadly Diseases

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Lab Sample Bacteria Disease

A representative for the World Health Organization (WHO) said unqualified fighters in Sudan have taken over a national health facility in an “extremely, extremely dangerous” turn of events.

During a press briefing, representative Nima Saeed Abid said one of the warring factions forcefully removed technicians from the lab in the capitol of Khartoum.

The lab houses polio, cholera, and measles among its catalogue of active samples.

“Now it is completely under the control of one of the fighting parties as a military base,” Abid said.

“An urgent and rapid international intervention is required to restore electricity and secure the laboratory from any armed confrontation because we are facing a real biological danger,” a medical source added.

The capitol city has been decimated by gunfire and explosions since the beginning of the month, when the Sudanese Armed Forces and a paramilitary faction called the Rapid Support Forces went head to head.

It is not known which side currently occupies the lab.

Sudan is already experiencing a widespread outbreak of dengue fever and malaria.

Brief Ceasefire Leads to Evacuations

The United States was able to negotiate a 72-hour ceasefire between the rivals on Monday, though both sides already accuse the other of violating the agreement.

The two sides originally worked together to launch a joint coup that overthrew the country’s autocratic leader in 2021, but their partnership splintered as they attempted to negotiate a transition to a new government.

The US evacuated its embassy staff, but around 16,000 American citizens still remain in the country.

Britain, Germany, and France are also working to evacuate their own citizens, while the Sudanese people have also begun to flee the fighting.

Regional director of Africa with the International Committee for the Red Cross, Patrick Youssef, said the organization needs “a humanitarian spaces for its teams”.

“We need to be able to also make sure we have a very loud and repeated call for the protection of civilians.”

The WHO says there is an acute shortage of food, medicine, water, and fuel for residents remaining in the country.


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  2. The UN was probably involved and plans to use these disease to push more of their global depopulation and enslavement agenda.

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