Pentagon Raises Alarm Over Biden Wind Energy Sites

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The military is taking issue with potential offshore wind energy sites in the mid-Atlantic region, saying they could interfere with Defense Department interests in the area.

According to a map first reported by Bloomberg News, the Pentagon marked up several areas to the east and southeast of Chesapeake Bay as “areas that are highly problematic”.

A source for the wind energy industry said the military’s warnings are cause for concern.

They said the map excluded a significant amount of acreage for potential wind farms.

A senior Defense Department official said the map was part of a process to identify areas where wind energy development could interfere with its activities.

“If we have vessel or flight traffic…we would have to work with BOEM [the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management] and the developer to find a place in there that is the least impactful,” the official said.

A spokesperson for BOEM said the department is in the process of reviewing the Pentagon’s assessment and will “take it into consideration”.

The official also pointed out that previously in California, the Pentagon and developers were able to reach a compromise on sites.

“BOEM has a long working relationship with DoD, and together we have successfully deconflicted and identified areas that have resulted in 27 leases, covering over 2.1 million acres on the [Outer Continental Shelf].”

The Biden administration continues to push offshore wind energy production. It set the goal of 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy in production by 2030, which is enough to power just 10 million homes.

The White House allocated $30 million dollars to floating offshore turbine development, as the technology to efficiently generate wind energy from floating turbines does not currently exist.

“There is no time to waste in making bold investments to address the climate crisis and building a strong domestic offshore wind industry is key to meeting that challenge head on,” Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said.


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