DeSantis Stumbles as Trump Soars

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a rising star in the Republican party, and many expect him to formally announce his campaign for the presidency soon.

However, recent blunders have put a damper on his campaign’s momentum, and DeSantis and his team are reportedly looking to recalibrate their messaging and strategy in order to regain their footing.

Weeks of grilling by Trump and his allies have left DeSantis’s campaign stalling.

He walked back comments he made about Russia’s war in Ukraine, which he dubbed a “territorial dispute”, after an outcry from fellow Republicans.

Recent polls show him starting to slip in a hypothetical GOP primary.

“I think for all the fanfare about DeSantis, there’s still a lot of stuff he needs to work on,” said one Republican strategist who backs DeSantis for 2024. “That’s normal when you’re exploring this kind of thing. But I think he needs to rethink things a little bit.”

Another area of focus for DeSantis is improving his popularity with moderate and independent voters.

While he remains a popular figure among Republicans, he will need broader support if he hopes to win the presidency in 2024.

“Look, the donor class knows who Ron DeSantis is and what he has done. But a lot of voters don’t,” a Trump-allied strategist said, according to The Hill. “Donald Trump recognizes that he has a chance to define DeSantis before DeSantis has a chance to get out and tell his story.”

Alex Conant, a former strategist on Senator Marco Rubio’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, said there’s no reason for DeSantis to focus on polls at this time.

“Right now, the most important thing is: Are you building relationships? Are you building a team and are you continuing to introduce yourself to voters?” he added. “You don’t have to worry about winning or losing weeks right now.”

Only time will tell if DeSantis can do enough to secure the Republican nomination, but one thing is clear: he cannot afford to rest on his laurels if he wants to beat Trump.


  1. I predict a winner will emerge if and when a person will take the position that to MAGA America must be in control of its own destiny, that this demands the US exit the UN, that monetary policy be in consonance with the Constitution rather than the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and a way must be found to relieve America and Americans of the ungodly, unpayable and unconstitutionally created debts we theoretically owe as a result of present policy.

    • Boy, howdy, ain’t that the truth! Thanks for the great post, Walter. Stay safe out there among the idiots & morons.

  2. Couple points:
    1) Although Trump was the right man for the time, I think his time has passed. DeSantis has the basic credentials to grab a lot of Trump’s base plus independents and democrats fed up with his highness Biden. However, the field is wide open for someone else. There are a bunch of conservatives that could pick up Trump’s lead and move it forward. Then….I get to keep my governor!
    2) Yes, we have to move as far away from the “global community” as possible. None of these groups; UN, WHO, WEF have America’s best interest at heart. Yes, there will be a cry of “Isolationists”, so what. BTW the left had no problem with isolationism when they wanted us all stuck indoors because of a disease that was not understood, was politicized, and not a threat to most of the population, (old people excepted, that’s me)

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