California Wants to Ban ‘Racially Traumatic’ Police Dogs

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Police Canines Wait With Handlers

The California Assembly’s Public Safety Committee approved a bill that would ban police dogs in certain scenarios involving people, a first-in-the-country move led by progressives in the state.

Assembly Bill 742 would prohibit the use of “an unleashed police canine by law enforcement to apprehend a person, and any use of a police canine for crowd control.”

The bill would also bar police from training canines for the purpose of apprehending people or crowd control.

In a statement, Assemblymen Corey Jackson and Ash Kalra said the bill is meant to “end a deeply racialized traumatic and harmful practice by prohibiting the use of police canines.”

“The use of police canines has been a mainstay in this country’s dehumanizing, cruel, and violent abuse of Black Americans and people of color for centuries,” the bill’s text states.

“First used by slave catchers, police canines are a violent carry-over from America’s dark past. In recent decades, they have been used in brutal attempts to quell the Civil Rights Movement, the LA Race Riots, and in response to Black Lives Matter protests.”

ACLU California Action, a chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, co-sponsored the bill.

“The use of police canines has severe and potentially deadly consequences for bite victims, especially communities of color,” said Carlos Marquez III, the chapter’s executive director. “This bill sets a new standard for California and marks an important step in ending this inhumane practice.”

Jackson and Kalra say police dog bites require treatment at a hospital two-thirds of the time, while batons and tasers only result in a hospital visit 22% of the time.

They also argue that canine injuries disproportionately affect black people twice as often as other racial groups.

The bill still faces consideration on the Assembly floor and state Senate before it gets to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk.


  1. If the people don’t want to be bitten by the dog, don’t run from police . Better yet don’t do any crimes that put you in that position. As Robert Blake said on his t.v show, “ if you can’t do the time… don’t do the crime!

  2. It’s no wonder the country laughs at California politics. Do you see the racist outcome of this idiocy? Should the dogs only be used on Asian people? How about allowing the dogs to only be used on White people? Wait, maybe they could be trained to only keep Christians or Jewish people at bay. This joke is clearly a severely racist motivated concept. Shame on the moronic politicians who even have the nerve to suggest this anti-constitutional idea. Police dogs are there to give the police an advantage over unruly crowds, no matter the color of their skin. Get over it!!!

    • They are also there to protect their human partner’s lives. The can run faste, & track better, too. The lunatics are definitely running CA! Dogs couldn’t care less about your melanin level: they are not “racist”. They ARE, however, natural predators, & running is prey behavior… So the bottom line is it’s if you RUN, not your melanin, & the more you resist, the more likely you WILL be bitten. It’s YOUR choice, but people who cooperate with police & k-9s generally go home marked.

  3. “They also argue that canine injuries disproportionately affect black people twice as often as other racial groups.” Gee, I wonder why that is?

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