Kellyanne Conway’s Family Falls Apart

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Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George Conway III, are calling it quits after 22 years, according to reports.

The New York Times reported that the divorce has surprised relatively few people in Washington, who were often shocked by the publicly hostile dynamic between the two.

Kellyanne was a longtime advisor to former President Donald Trump, while George is a conservative lawyer who became one of Trump’s most vocal critics.

The couple released a joint statement Saturday asking for privacy as they go through the “final stages of an amicable divorce”. They also pledged to remain “united as parents” to their four children.

George, who began a Trump supporter that cried tears of joy on election night, turned on the former president after he fired James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the time.

He gained a cult following on Twitter and regularly derided the president, accusing him of being unfit to hold office and of having narcissistic personality disorder.

Kellyanne remains loyal to Trump to this day and is reportedly in regular contact with him about his 2024 campaign. She is also a frequent contributor on Fox News.

She left the White House in 2020 to spend more time with her children, but her public marriage spats led Ivanka Trump to recommend two marriage counselors before she departed, according to Kellyanne’s memoir “Here’s the Deal”.

“After I showed George the names, he rejected one and said a halfhearted ‘OK’ to the other while looking at his phone,” she wrote. “We never went.”

She also accused George of becoming addicted to the attention he gained by criticizing Trump on Twitter, saying he was essentially “cheating by tweeting.”

Trump took to his Truth Social network to congratulate Kellyanne, calling George her “wacko husband” who plagued her as a “disgusting albatross around her neck”.


  1. I am sure this wasn’t an easy decision, and I know it isn’t an easy process. Condolences to both of you. I pray that this is a turning point for the better, because none of us are so great that we can’t improve.

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