CPAC Cancels Controversial Attendee

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A controversial far-right activist was rejected from the Conservative Political Action Conference after trying to attend on Thursday. CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp issued a statement on Twitter to justify his decision.

Nick Fuentes was prevented from entering the conference due to his “hateful racist rhetoric and actions” which are “not consistent with the mission of CPAC,” according to the statement from Schlapp.

“We are pleased that our conference welcomes a wide array of conservative perspectives from people of different backgrounds, but we are concerned about the rise in antisemitic rhetoric (or Jew hatred) in our country and around the globe, whether it be in the corridors of power and academia or through the online rantings of bigots like Fuentes,” Schlapp said.

Fuentes denies that the Holocaust took place and often makes antisemitic comments on his social media platforms.

He was suspended from Twitter last year, but his account was reinstated after new Twitter CEO Elon Musk offered a second chance. Fuentes was re-banned less than 24 hours later after tweeting a video referencing one of Kanye’s antisemitic tweets.

Kanye West Entanglement

Fuentes made headlines after crashing a dinner between former President Donald Trump and Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago in November of last year.

Trump defended himself against fierce backlash from both sides of the aisle after the dinner, stating he didn’t know Fuentes and only invited Kanye to dinner to offer him advice after the rapper’s comments about mainstream media bias.

Kanye was also suspended from Twitter after tweeting an edited swastika Star of David image alongside a potential 2024 campaign announcement. Musk deemed the tweet an “incitement to violence” at the time.

Kanye has not been back on Twitter since, and his account remains suspended.

Fuentes’ Fiery Response

Fuentes responded to his removal through the social media site Telegram.

He mocked Schlapp’s own legal troubles, saying, “Ah yes we all know CPAC is reserved for sexual gropers.”

Schlapp was sued for sexual misconduct by a GOP operative who claims he was fondled. Schlapp’s attorney called the accusations “false”.

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  1. Fuentes is, of course,free to believe in whichever fairy tales he chooses; what he is not free to do is deny the reality of history. Millions of people did not “simply vanish” into thin air in the early 1940s across Europe, without any trace. 1 or 2 individuals might successfully do that, but not entire extended families, not whole villages of families, yet before 1940 they did exist, & by 1945 all trace of them had gone up in smoke, except the valuables they left behind… stolen by their murderers. People knew what was happening, by held silent, for fear of joining them. Both the Soviets & the Nazis were guilty of mass laughter’s during that war, as were the Japanese, in Korea & China.

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