GOP Fundraising Site Experiences Major Issue After Trump Verdict

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WinRed, the official fundraising site of the Republican Party, suffered a major setback following former President Donald Trump’s conviction.

The website completely crashed amid a surge in attempted donations following Trump’s unlikely conviction on all 34 counts of falsifying business records by a New York jury.

Trump’s campaign website links to multiple WinRed fundraising campaigns, all of which returned 404 errors shortly after the verdict was read.

The campaign acknowledged the issue in a statement on X.

The demand to donate was so great that the entire WinRed site went down, temporarily halting donations to all Republican candidate campaigns that use its services.


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Plan to Appeal

The former president’s attorney, Will Scharf, said that Trump’s legal team is “considering all options” to appeal the conviction as soon as possible.

“This case is replete with reversible error going back to the very first day, continuing through jury instructions. Every aspect of this case is ripe for appeal. We are going to appeal as quickly as we can. We will seek expedited review of this case,” Scharf said.

“And we’re going to trust that the appellate courts in New York understand the dangerous Pandora’s box that this lawless judgment has opened and that they understand the potential ramifications to our legal system if this unjust verdict is allowed to stand,” he added.

Scharf also alluded to the possibility that the appeal could be brought before the Supreme Court.

Trump is expected to be sentenced on July 11th, just days before the 2024 Republican National Convention takes place in Milwaukee, where Trump will be formally nominated as the party’s presidential candidate.

“The real verdict is going to be Nov. 5 by the people, and they know what happened here and everybody knows what happened here,” Trump said after the verdict.


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