Senate Votes to Continue Funding Migrant Flights Into U.S.

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Sen. Bill Hagerty
Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Senate’s Democrat majority voted down an amendment that would have stopped the Biden administration from spending federal cash to fly migrants into the country.

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN), a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, forced a vote on an amendment he authored to add to the pending appropriations bill that would forbid taxpayer funds from being used to “secretly fly illegal aliens from other nations directly into states across the country for resettlement.”

According to a press release on the Tennessee Republican’s website, the Biden Administration brought “at least 320,000 illegal aliens” into the United States in an effort to both “deliberately resettle them in American communities,” while “artificially reducing the record-breaking number of border crossings happening under its watch.”

“I’m bringing forward a vote on a very simple question,” Hagerty began. “Do you support American taxpayer dollars being used to fly illegal immigrants from countries like Venezuela and Haiti into America to be settled in cities and towns near you? If so, vote against me.”

He said that by voting no, would preserve the practice, then pointed out that “President Biden has been secretly flying hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into blue city airports.”

Every single Senate Democrat voted against the amendment, along with three independents, in a 51-47 tally.

Last week, Hagerty’s other amendment, one that would ban illegal immigrants from being counted towards the U.S. Census, was also voted down 51-47.

On Monday, Hagerty said that Democrats had revealed exactly why they were allowing so many migrants into the country through the southern border.

“I think that this proves the motive behind the crime on our border,” he said while speaking to Fox Business.

“They want these illegal migrants in here to create more electoral power for them in their blue states,” he added. “They’re basically creating sanctuary cities to be a magnet so these people will disproportionately flow to these blue states.”

Hagerty noted that Democrats have been “shipping them there as rapidly as they can,” since the Biden administration came into power in early 2021.

He said that estimates have put the number of illegal immigrants that have made it into the country at an astonishing 10 million people.

“That would be 13 extra congressional districts if you allocated them the right way. This is a tremendous amount of power that the Democrats are bringing in,” Hagerty added.

“They’re giving their voters, the blue state voters, disproportionately more power than they are giving my voters in Tennessee.”

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